Thursday 23 July 2015

An Evening of Painting

So, last night I made my way along to my FLGS for my fortnightly fix of 40k (I can quit any time I want, honest!) Upon arriving I received quite a surprise, I was the only one who had turned up! After hanging around for a while, the owner (Keith) and I broke out the paints, to cover some ugly grey plastic (or lead, in the case of Keith's Babylon 5 Wars minis) with some much needed acrylic goodness.

Despite being disappointed at not being able to get a game in; both Keith and myself made good progress with our respective projects and had a good old chinwag into the bargain. I took the opportunity to photograph my tactical squad as they are taking shape.

Bathinko leads his Reavers into battle!

How many skulls is too many?

Sons of our father, stand in midnight clad!
I'm very pleased with how the squad is taking shape so far, I've also painted a seventh squad member but had forgotten to bring him along last night. When I first began building the unit I was concerned that they would all look a bit too uniform; after all, they are a Heresy era tactical squad, so there are no special or heavy weapons to break up the ranks of bolter wielding marines. I've tried to remedy this by using parts from different sources as much as possible. The 40k addicted amongst you will no doubt recognise the tactical marine, chaos marine and khorne berserker parts throughout the squad. The left shoulder pads are from Forgeworld (I was splashing out on a Contemptor anyway so a few shoulder pads didn't really break the bank!)

Throughout the unit I've also leaned quite heavily on the Exo-Lords range by Anvil Industry. All of the legs and torsos are from their range as well as Bathinko's chainglaive and the arms and bolter of the marine standing on the far right. I have to say that I've been really impressed with the quality of Anvil's products; they are beautifully detailed and have a rugged, mechanical quality that is perfect for Heresy era gaming. Not only that, they are a fraction of the cost of Forgeworlds 30k marines! I have enough bits and pieces remaining to complete the squad and build myself a tactical support squad into the bargain (I'm thinking Volkite Calivers!)

In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed my evening of painting; here's hoping nobody shows up to the next wargames evening! (Not really - I need my fix!)


  1. Squad is looking great! Great choice of bases too.

    1. Thanks again Greg! The bases are standard GW ones with thick plasticard cut to give a slate effect. Then it's just a simple wash and drybrush job.