Wednesday 21 February 2018

Squaduary 2018 - Wargame Exclusive Kataphron Destroyers: Part 3

Three quarters of the way through Squaduary and things are looking pretty good. I've got two of the three models completed and have made a good start on the last one.

Now with terrain!
As you can see, this model is equipped with the Wargame Exclusive plasma culverin rather than the Games Workshop version. There is very little to choose between the two. If pushed, I would probably say that I prefer the GW version slightly, but they both look great when painted and scale well with the models.

As before, the details on the Wargame Exclusive models are just excellent. Each of the three servitors is crammed with individual touches which make them stand out from one another and gives the impression of a tech priest really hashing them together from odds and ends. A lovely image for something that the Adeptus Mechanicus would consider a disposable asset.

The 'pec plates' are pretty cool.
You may notice that these photos are a little different than my customary black background. That's because I took these during a little photo session for my whole army to celebrate the completion of a fully painted 1000 points. That's a pretty good benchmark for me but I'll discuss it more in another post.

It's plasma time!
Thanks again to Rory at Stepping Between Games for running this event. It's really pushing me along and I'm looking forward to adding another 200 points to my growing forces. Thanks as well to all  the other participants, let's keep it going and get those models finished!

You can check out my Squaduary history here, here and here. Tune in next week for the final, hopefully triumphant, Squaduary post.


  1. Looking good. They looked particularly nice on Wargame Exclusive's Facebook page.

    1. Yeah, it was nice to get a shoutout from the manufacturer.

    2. Yeah I saw them up there and was all proud. Well done.

    3. Cheers Rory! I'm pretty proud of myself too ;)

  2. Coming along great, I'm sure you'll be able to get the last one finished!