Tuesday 10 April 2018

Salute 2018 is this Saturday!

It's that time of the year once again!

What time is it?
That's right! On Saturday 14th April London's Excel will be hosting Salute 2018. The 'largest wargames expo in Europe' is back and bound to be filled with bargains aplenty. Last year I bought my own bodyweight in mdf terrain and I'll be back on Saturday to see what other delights I can get my grubby little hands on.

I will also be taking part in the speed painting competition run by 'Eavier Metal. 25 minutes to paint an ugly model with colours that refuse to dry - what's not to love!

Give me a shout if you're coming down, it would be nice to meet up with some of the people from these here internets.


  1. Good luck and enjoy chief. Slightly envious.

    1. I certainly will enjoy myself Rory; it's a lot of fun.