Wednesday 7 October 2020

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Atarus Warhound Titan

Following on from my last post I've painted up a Legio Atarus Warhound to oppose my Legio Fureans forces.

The first Legio Atarus titan walks!

At times this felt like a bit of a grind to paint because I don't find the colour scheme as exciting as the yellow and black of Fureans. However, now that it's done I'm very pleased with the finished product. I chose to arm this one with two twin turbolaser destructors (the best weapon name in the whole of 40k!) just so that the two Warhounds have different weapons. The weapons are magnetised in any case, so they can be swapped out between games.

Turbolasers! Zap zap.

As with my Legio Fureans titan I've used contrast paints for the eye lenses, weapons and the base. I'm really liking the easy effect of using these paints and definitely want to experiment with them more in future.

Engine War!

So, with one titan each for the traitors and loyalists it's time to get a couple of test games in! Come back next time for a quick rundown of my thoughts on the game and to find out the winner of the first little skirmish.