Thursday 19 February 2015

BerserkerBro - Deff Dread

BerserkerBro - Deff Dread

Two posts in one day - amazing stuff!! Just wanted to share an excellent conversion from the mysterious man known as BerserkerBro. A converted Deff Dread crewed by Grots of course!

Another towering monstrosity from the hands of BerserkerBro.
Obviously it's not done being painted yet; but I think we can all agree, that's one huge metal beastie he's made there! 

Just for a little perspective for those of you not too familiar with GW products. Nearly every part of the model is converted or customised and it stands over twice as tall as the original kit! Or to use an analogy, BerserkerBro is to converting what Makoto Nagano is to Ninja Warrior.

The legend himself - Why so serious?
By comparison, I would be this guy:

Call me MR octopus!

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