Monday 8 August 2016

Betrayal at Calth - Night Lords Terminator Showcase

Well, it had to happen eventually, I finally borrowed my bro's photography set up and managed to get some decent images of my Night Lords Cataphractii Terminators.

What do you mean that's a Volkite Caliver??
These are beautiful models and IMHO some of the best plastic Space Marines that GW have ever produced. The kit comes with a vast array of weapon options but I just had to go one step further and armed them with a selection of Volkite Chargers and a Reaper Autocannon. This was mostly in an attempt to make them effective at range whilst keeping the points cost as low as possible. Unfortunately this aim failed horribly as the kit only has options for lightning claws or power fists, so I was forced to arm them with a selection of expensive close-combat upgrades.

One of the claws in question
Despite weighing in at a hefty 243 points they have performed surprisingly well on the tabletop. The volkite chargers add a real punch at range and in close combat the addition of a chainfist and power fist for the Sergeant means they are able to crack open armoured targets fairly well. Despite being 'Slow and Purposeful' the additional 4+ Invulnerable save granted by the Cataphractii plate makes them much more survivable than regular terminators. Is it any wonder I've nearly painted the full squad?!

Close up of the power sword - nice!

The four finished members of the squad - where's No 5?

I've got a load more photos of my Night Lords to show off, so hopefully there will be more posts looking at the VIII legion this week.


  1. What amazing lighting, such sublime positioning! This must be the work of a photographer of some skill!

    The minis do look really good though, I particularly like the gold colour - I must be getting tired of looking at layer after layer of Brass Scorpion!

  2. Thanks Bro! I hate to burst your bubble though, that IS Brass Scorpion! I just knock it up a notch with a little Auric Armour Gold. Don't want my Night Lords looking like Black Legion!

    1. I knew I liked it for a reason. I guess you can never have enough Brass Scorpion!

  3. That is some gorgeous golden metallics!

    1. Thanks Greg! These guys really lend themselves to it with all that trim and rivets! I kind of wish I had a photo of the back of the legs because they're festooned with rivets and cool segmented details.