Monday 22 August 2016

Horus Heresy: Converted Night Lords Legion Centurion

So, I found an old finecast (shudder) Wulfrik the Wanderer in the bargain bucket at my FLGS. After looking over the model for a few minutes, I couldn't resist buying him (only £3!) to convert into a leader for my Night Lords Legion force.
Well worth the asking price I reckon!
As you can see he's absolutely festooned with skulls and bones and other assorted body parts. Just the thing for making him look like a veteran Space Marine who's been carving his way across the galaxy for centuries, spreading terror wherever he goes! In fact, there's so much detail crammed into the model that it made him somewhat difficult to paint. Just knowing where one part began and another ended was a chore in itself.

The conversion is a simple one involving swapping out both weapons for plastic Betrayal at Calth parts (yes, I know a power sword and plasma pistol is a useless combination, but it looks cool, so there!) The head was exchanged for one of those delightful White Scars helmets from Forgeworld.

The only other change was to remove some of the detail from the back and add a random Chaos backpack that I had laying around. (I know this isn't strictly correct for the era but once again, it looks cool, so there!)

Obligatory 'rear of the year' view.
As my only painted HQ choice, he sees more than his fair share of battles (for such a useless miniature with even more useless weapons.) In spite of his many deficiencies, he's often performed surprisingly well on the tabletop. Winning a game by being the only surviving miniature and beating a squad of Space Wolf terminators in close combat are at the top of his accolades.
Ooh, menacing.
It's always nice to be able to make a conversion like this, a relatively simple thing which results in a unique miniature which can be used again and again. As his legacy of tabletop victories (and defeats) grows, I hope to share some of them with you in a fictional format. Until then, Ave Dominus Nox!


  1. Utterly gorgeous Ed! Super epic model you've created here!

    1. Thanks Greg! I'm very pleased with how he turned out in the end. Currently working on a converted Praetor model that I hope to be able to share in the near future.

  2. Does he have a name yet? victories and defeats mean more when he has a name! ... oh, wait a second, I think you already showed me that work in progress piece of fiction that he was in didn't you?

    1. His name is Vual, another solid Marine name from the Key of Solomon!

    2. Also, he only has victories.

    3. I prefer Kleptobasmus, hoarder of space debris. It started as a joke based on "Kleptomania", but I actually really like that name!!

      Also £3 for a HQ model, take that modern pricing - It's like I'm living 1998 all over again!

  3. Replies
    1. Nothing like having a dead guy strapped to your back!