Thursday 4 January 2018

Painting an Adeptus Mechanicus Sydonian Dragoon

Welcome back! Hope you all had a pleasant Christmas and New Year and got plenty of toy soldiers from Father Christmas. I know I certainly did! Over the holiday I cracked on with my painting and managed to churn out another vehicle; namely a Sydonian Dragoon for my Skitarii/Ad Mech.

Taser Lance. Hyaaaa!!
I pretty much adore this model (along with the entire Skitarii range). The style has had a lot of thought put into it and gives it a really unique look. However, if memory serves, it was a complete bitch to build (although my memory is a bit hazy as I built it a year ago). Given my recent experience with painting an Onager Dunecrawler in sub-assemblies I dearly wished I had done the same with this at certain points during the painting process.

The other option with this kit is to build it as an Ironstrider Ballistarii, but I prefer the look of the Dragoon so that was the obvious choice. The kit is designed to be built with the lance mounted vertically but I had a feeling this would be horrible for transport so I changed it to a downward angle.

Check out those lenses!
On the tabletop the Dragoon has proven to be pretty brutal. The Mechanicus stratagems combined with the taser rule has seen it put out nine strength 8 hits on the charge more often than not. Good for clearing out infantry and smashing vehicles too. Not only that, it's cheap as chips at 68 points; a total bargain!

I swapped the head with a Vanguard Alpha.
I'm perilously close to 1000 points of fully painted Mechanicus now, with only the Neutron Laser from my Onager Dunecrawler to go. Here's hoping I get a sudden burst of painting enthusiasm and knock it out soon.

If only I hadn't got another two Dragoons for Christmas!


  1. Well done. Always nice to see your mechanicum painted. Happy new year.

    1. Happy New Year Cylde! Hope to see some more of your fine work in 2018.