Monday 25 February 2019

The Grand Army of the Mechanicus!

I've been meaning to post up some photos of the current state of my Adeptus Mechanicus forces for a while and finally got the chance to snap a few over the weekend. Without further ado, I am proud to present, the Grand Army of the Mechanicus!

Still needs more Skitarii.
If you read this blog regularly, you will have seen this lot come together over the last couple of years. Currently the army stands at 3500 points and I have plenty more models still to build and paint.

The knights have been a great addition to the army.
The list is still very top heavy and feels like it needs a lot more infantry. To that end I plan to paint up some more Skitarii, some Electropriests and another squad of Infiltrators. Hopefully that will help balance things out a bit.

I think the colour scheme has translated well across all the models.
The most recent HQ choices in the army.
From a personal standpoint; having a large, nicely painted army is something I've wanted for a long time. Ever since seeing the armies displayed in White Dwarf every month when I was a teenager (Fred Reed's Howling Griffons anyone?) So, getting a collection like this together is enormously satisfying. I can't wait to add more to it this year.

I have plans to add another Onager or two.
Despite wanting to add many more Adeptus Mechanicus units; the Imperial Knights have been immensely satisfying modelling projects. In the queue to be built and painted I have a Cerastus Knight Atropos along with another Armiger Warglaive. The Atropos in particular I am very much looking forward to because I absolutely adore the model.

General's eye view.
I also have a few Mechanicum 30k robots on the back burner. Rumour has it that these will get rules for 40k in the future and it will be excellent to add these gorgeous models to the collection. In particular, I have a Thanatar Siege Automata which I would love to have painted.

That's a lot of green robots.
Anyway, that concludes this little self-indulgent ramble. Here's to the next 3500 points!


  1. Lovely! Need more Vanguard with Plasma Calivers and Rangers with Tranqueric Arquebus-es and another two Dunecrawlers at least :) Great seeing them all together. Mine is pretty big too ooer last year.

    1. Very cool Siph! I love the two Thanatar you have in there. Really want to have one of my own.

  2. Lovely work on the whole army, they all look so well together. That is something to aspire to.

    1. Cheers Rory. Thanks for running Squaduary again and motivating me to add another unit to the army.

    2. Beautiful and glorious. For the Omnissiah!

  3. Great work. And an lovely never ending army.

    1. Thanks Cylde. Sometimes the joy of a project is it not having a defined end.