Wednesday 16 March 2016

Tyranid Dimachaeron - Painting progress

So, a couple of Christmasses ago, I was lucky enough to receive a Tyranid Dimachaeron from Forgeworld. It's one of my favourite Tyranid models and enormous to boot! The scale of the model made it a bit intimidating to paint though and it's languished in storage for far too long.

Anyway, on a bit of a whim (because that's how hobby stuff happens) I decided to paint it! I'll be following my usual Tyranid paint scheme so that he fits in with the rest of my steadily growing force.

Part way through paint - base coats nearly done!
Whether he'll see any more action on the tabletop is debatable because these things are just so powerful! I manage more than my fair share of wins with my Tyranids already, so adding a killing machine like this might start costing me friends!

Found this exceptionally difficult to photograph.
Over the past week or so I've stormed on with the painting and really made good progress. Unfortunately, things have slowed down over the last few days, but he's so close to complete I simply have to push on and get him over the line.

Current photo - Just details to finish and the base to tidy up.
Sadly though, I seem to be coming down with a bad case of Victory is Vengeance (Horus Heresy book 3 - Massacre) so the itch to paint some more Night Lords is coming on strong! Will the next update be the completed Dimachaeron? Or will the Night Lords Terminators pip him to the post (pun intended). I for one am on tenterhooks!

Friday 11 March 2016

Betrayal at Calth - Painting Terminators

Time for another belated status update! These photos were taken a while ago before I got distracted from my Night Lords (and 40k in general) by my Infinity Nomads.

Stand in Midnight clad!
So, I got the Betrayal at Calth box for Christmas (wow, that's a long time ago now!) and, unsurprisingly, started making up the minis as an addition to my Heresy Night Lords force. After drooling over the models and building most of them in a frenzied rush, I turned to painting.

To begin with, I started painting my tactical marines, bringing them up to a full ten man squad. My next plan was to convert and start painting a squad of assault marines but suddenly, I had an epiphany.

I had never painted a model in Terminator armour.

It's worth letting that sink in for a second (or at least it was for me). I like to think of myself as a fairly experienced hobbyist. I have four sizeable armies and have been playing for years across multiple editions of 40k. I've painted infantry, monstrous creatures, vehicles (ok, not many, but vehicles are hard!) and flyers but never once a model in terminator armour. Needless to say I resolved to change this immediately and have a full squad of Night Lords Cataphractii painted up as soon as possible. The pictures here (apologies for lighting) show the first completed member of the squad.

The reaper autocannon was made from two Anvil Industry autocannons glued back to back. I think it gives a nice Heresy feel to the model and is very reasonably priced!

The rest of the model is the basic Terminator kit with a couple of skulls added for a Night Lords feel. I'm very pleased with the overall result.

Power Sword - Keeping the model cost down!
Yes, that is Tresemme in the background - keeps my brushes silky smooth!
I have since completed two more members of the squad including the Sergeant. More pics to come soon!

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Tabletop Apocalypse!

Sometimes, when you're trawling the grey, ashen landscape of these here internets an image will jump out at you like a lush oasis (I think that metaphor has been tortured enough!) and you'll be like "woah!"

This is just one of many creations by a horribly talented individual over at Tabletop Apocalypse. I can't get enough of staring at this model, putting aside the jaw-dropping paint job, the conversion alone is mind boggling. If you know your way around the Heldrake kit, then you begin to appreciate the sheer amount of additional extras built into this one.

I can't wait to see more from Blazmo over at Tabletop Apocalypse. Surely a sign of great things to come.