Tuesday 12 May 2020

Painting Tyranids in lockdown

Sorry for the shortage of updates. Like everybody else I've been stuck at home, unfortunately for me that has meant a lack of internet connection. However I'm back online and have a bunch of newly painted stuff to show off. First up, the Tyranids I've been painting over the last few weeks.

A scythed Hierodule, kind of a classic model.
First up is this scythed Hierodule. I've always thought the Hierodule models were a bit old hat, but having one in hand I have to say that the sculpt has really held up to the test of time. She's a lovely thing and I'm pleased to have one as part of the swarm. I may even look at adding a barbed Hierodule at a later date.

Ok, she's a little goofy, but I still like her.
In terms of painting, all of these were done using the usual quick paint scheme for my Tyranids. I've been painting them this way for twelve years and although the scheme has undergone some refinement, it's still broadly the same.

Next up we have another classic Forgeworld sculpt, the Hive Tyrant.

Getting some 'Alien' vibes off this one.
It was really nice to get this one done as it's a bit of a classic. As you can see I changed out all the weapons, mostly because I thought it looked cooler with the Deathspitter/Bonesword loadout. It's not the most competitive thing on the planet, but rule of cool wins out every time.

Why stick with one Hive Tyrant when you can have two? I also painted myself a Swarmlord!

Bonesabres are cool.
I've said it before, I'm not really a fan of Tyranid special characters but as the swarm cruised past the 6000 point mark I thought it was about time I added The Swarmlord to the mix. It helps that I like the model but I doubt I will field him much.

Apparently I love painting Tyranid HQ choices, so I went and added a pair of Neurothropes too.

One of the two in question.
Then I felt bad, so I had to paint up a termagant brood.

Spiny spinegaunts!
I know spinegaunts are basically rubbish but I like the way they look and I had a bunch of them hanging about. I'm pleased with the finished brood and I predict they will see a lot of tabletop time, even if they spend most of it dying in droves.

Once I'd done all of that lot (and a few other bits) I got all giddy and decided to get the entire swarm out for some photos. Unfortunately they were a bit difficult to photograph but I think the overall impression is nice.

The Great Devourer hungers.
After this was taken I even added a handful of additional models which had come out of storage while I was rummaging.

Some of the zoomed in shots are a little better.
So it seems this lockdown business has been really good for bashing my painting backlog. I've also done some more Custodes which I hope to share soon.