Monday 16 March 2020

Monster March - Adeptus Custodes Contemptor Achillus Dreadnought - Week 3

Sorry for the slightly delayed update, I wasn't able to post over the weekend, so this is going up on Monday. Still, it was a weekend of excellent progress as I'm sure you will agree!

Behold! The finished Dreadnought.
Somehow, I've managed to finish painting this beast in about two weeks. That's got to be some kind of personal best. Not only that, but I'm really pleased with the way it turned out!

I particularly like the eye lenses.
As you can see, I've followed the same colour scheme as my Vertus Praetors, using purple for some of the armour panels and green for the weapons etc. The sculpted base allowed me to get a bit more green into the model with the small elements of foliage.

Got a bit freehandy with the shoulder pad.
I tried to push myself with the freehand on the shoulder pad. It was only after I had painted it that I realised Voldus is a Grey Knights character. Doh! Oh well, it's probably am pretty common Imperial name right?? Anyway, I was so happy with the way it looked that I didn't want to go back and change it.

Shows the raised areas of the base a bit better.
Thus my Monster March challenge is concluded. But wait, there's two weeks left to go! Perhaps it's time for a little stretch goal.

How about another Dreadnought??
Inspired by my own work on the Contemptor Achillus, I decided to dig out this Telemon Dreadnought and get it built. It still needs a touch of green stuff and undercoat before I can begin painting. Also, trying to do something this big in two weeks is certainly a challenge; but even if I just get a few basecoats on it I'll still be happy.

I'm finding Monster March this year to be particularly inspiring. The other participants are putting in some amazing work and Swordmaster is doing a brilliant job showcasing it over at Path of an Outcast. Keep the momentum going everyone!

That's all for now, come back next week to see if I've managed to make a dent in my second entry this month.

Friday 6 March 2020

Monster March - Adeptus Custodes Contemptor Achillus Dreadnought - Week 2

Here we are approaching the end of the first week of Monster March. I've been working steadily on my Contemptor Achillus and it's coming along really well.

A bit messy at this stage, but plenty of colours on there.
As you can see from the above, I've got a lot of the basecoats down and started highlighting and detailing the lower half of the model. I managed a bit of work on the left arm last night too and I think things are looking good for only one week in to the challenge.

I'm reasonably happy with the pose.
As far as the model itself is concerned, I was tempted to go for a more complex pose than the one I eventually chose. However, when I considered that this will be a gaming piece, I decided that a simpler pose will be less prone to breakages along the way. Perhaps if I ever get a second Achillus I will be more adventurous with it.

The left leg has had the most work so far.
So that's where things stand at the end of the first week. If I can carry on at this rate then I should have no trouble completing the challenge. That of course, opens up the possibility of a stretch goal.......but we'll see how things progress over the coming days. As usual you can check out my first post of the challenge here.

Tune in next week to see if I've maintained progress, who knows, I might have a second model to announce!

Monday 2 March 2020

Old Stuff Day 2020

Not a tradition I've been part of previously, but I love the Warhammer 39,999 blog and Old Stuff Day is something he started ages ago. This year I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon too.

Classic blog stuff.
So here's one of my own posts from 2017 when I built an Eldar (Aeldari??) Phantom Titan in a day.

I love messing about with big resin kits so this was a heck of a good time for me. It's nice to have a post about it on the blog too so I can go back and enjoy it again.

I'm also going to share a battle report from Tabletop Apocalypse when my Tyranids took on his Steel Legion back in 2018. It was a brilliant game and it's a great write up too so you should go and read it now: