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Monday, 1 July 2019

Revealed! Skorpius Dunerider Datasheet.

I found this laying about these here internets and thought I'd post it up for y'all to see.

Delicious new rules!
As a Mechanicus player I find these rules (and the model itself) a little underwhelming. It seems odd to me that the Skorpius doesn't have an invulnerable save, because every other Adeptus Mechanicus model does. 

Moreover, the loadout and weapons of the Disintegrator are a bit mediocre. This thing has to line up against the mighty Onager Dunecrawler and it loses out in just about every aspect. The Dunecrawler has an excellent 5+ invulnerable save which is so valuable in 8th edition; it can also carry a neutron laser which is surely a better anti-tank weapon than either the Belleros or Ferrumite cannon of the Disintegrator. Honestly, I'm just a bit unsure how this tank is supposed to fit in with the existing army.

The transport variant is pretty basic. It's cheap in points and isn't particularly durable. The weapon loadout of four heavy stubbers isn't going to scare too many opponents either. However, I reserve judgement on the Dunerider until I see it on the table. Adding a transport into a Mechanicus list does open up a lot of options that weren't available previously (except for the Termite).

Anyway, those are just my quick thoughts on the new rules. Feel free to comment below and let me know if you agree!


  1. That’s a good points cost for the shooty light tank and a gun that can target non visible enemy, nice. Heavy guns on Dunecrawlers, magic energy guns on these.

    1. Honestly I'm just spoiled with how good the existing Mechanicus units are right now. Something comes along that is perfectly decent and it's difficult to see the plus side. :)

  2. I'm thinking the disregard line of site disintegrator as a possible alternative to kastelan robots with phosphor blasters. No invul is a downer to be sure but I think it might be better for the class (anti heavy infantery and light vehicles) still at about the same points as the robots are only better shooters at that in protector mode (and not being able to move is surely a bit on an issue then). And ignoring line of sight is always nice even though hiding that thing in turn might be tricky due to its size.

    1. It doesn't look bad compared with a Kastelan, but I'm sure the lack of invuln save will hurt it in the long run. I love the aegis mode on my Kastelans for that sweet 4++.