Monday 4 June 2018

Hobby Update - A Knight Household

Things have been a bit quiet around the blog lately, so what have I been up to?

Lords of War anyone?
The photo above should make it pretty obvious that I've been building my knight household! Regular readers may know that I painted the Cerastus Knight Castigator as part of Monster March back in.........well March. Since then I've added an Armiger Warglaive from the Forgebane box set and a Questoris Knight Errant which I picked up from a friend for a knock down price. At the time I really didn't need it but it had exactly the loadout I wanted and it was in decent condition too.

The pre-owned Knight Errant. 
As it turned out there was a bit more rebuilding work needed on the Errant than I had anticipated. The waist joint had been stuck together using unmixed green stuff (WTF!?) and so had the Icarus Autocannons. Speaking of the Autocannons, they had been assembled completely upside down! Which meant the barrels didn't align properly. At any rate, after a bit of scraping, cutting and gluing I managed to get it back into shape and ready for painting.

The rebuilt autocannons.
As for the Armiger Warglaive, I had it fresh from the Forgebane box. It was a lovely kit to work with and you may have seen my work in progress Armiger Helverin conversion which will be the fate of the second Armiger from the box.

Striding past some Mechanicus oil derricks.
The Armiger is currently very lackluster on the tabletop but I'm hoping the new Imperial Knights codex will change all that. If not? Well, I guess I'll just have to play with beautiful models that are a bit uncompetitive. It could be worse!

Reconnaissance footage from a Mechanicus aerial drone. 
Speaking of the tabletop, none of these models have been used in battle yet. It's a bit of a first for me to have painted over 1000 points worth of miniatures and never used any of them for gaming. I'm hoping I can convince my gaming buddies to take on some (or all!) of them soon.

Showing off my new terrain too.
These knights were originally conceived as Lords of War to add to my Adeptus Mechanicus forces. I have purposely matched the colour schemes so that they can be used alongside one another. However, the knights seem to have become an army in their own right! So much so, that putting them next to the Mechanicus makes the army look very unbalanced; I guess I need to paint a lot more Skitarii!

I never really thought I would be a fan of Imperial Knights. The kits are lovely but I've always thought of them as a bit unwieldy for everyday play. They cost a lot of points and don't really make for a 'balanced' force on the tabletop. Somehow though, I've painted three of the things and really enjoyed doing it. Not only that, one of my hobby resolutions this year was to paint a Lord of War and now I have three of them!

Here's hoping they get to stride out across the tabletop sometime soon!