Tuesday 24 May 2016

Skitarii - Test model

Following my previous post on my ill-advised foray into the wold of the Adeptus Mechanicus, I am proud to present my first painted Skitarii.

The first Skitarii - Ready to die for his machine overlords
I tried a few different colour variations before settling on the above scheme. Initially I tried painting the cloaks yellow but they just looked like they were wearing raincoats! In the end, a green-blue hue is much more satisfying, complemented by brass and rakarth flesh with pink for the lenses and other small details. I can't wait to have a few more finished and to make a start on the Onager Dunecrawler from the box set.

A few more images of the completed build and test painted model below for your amusement.

Side shot - Pink purity seals for extra purity!

The Onager - MOAR heavy stubbers!!

Love this model

If only the other nine were painted too


  1. Dune crawler does look pretty badass. It occurs to me that it would be quite funny to battle this set against the Necron starter set - my 10 men and a silly walker vs your 10 men and a silly walker.

    1. Want to hit Keith up on the weekend?

    2. I can see the article now. "The first thing you have to do in order to hit Keith up is go into town" at that point I'll probably put in a short discussion about good tunes for the road .... or are we talking about actual wargaming?

      I hope people can tell this is a joke and don't start to prepare for an article mostly about bus routes...

    3. Let's hit him up, the only acceptable tunes will be by Crossfaith. I wonder if he has another Skitarii box set?

    4. It's probably a bad idea, I might come back with a MONOLITH ... or possibly start a circle pit in the store.