Monday 20 February 2017

Skitarii Vanguard - Squaduary progress week 3

Yet another week of good progress, the end is rapidly approaching but I feel like the goal of painting a five man squad is easily within my grasp.

Pink is the colour of warriors!
As you can see from the pictures, I have completed four out of five models and am working on the fifth. So far I'm very happy with the way that the challenge has pushed me to paint the squad (even if a plasma caliver and an arc rifle aren't the ideal armaments!)

The arc rifle in question.

Also, this guy.
As before, I'm in awe of the Skitarii Vanguard kit, the whole thing has been a delight to build and paint. Hats off to Games Workshop for this one.

If you missed the first and second Squaduary installments you can find them here and here. Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion, will I finish the squad? Will I manage to paint any extras?? Only time will tell.


  1. Great progress there chief. You can pull through and get them finished for sure.

  2. Thanks Rory, I would have liked to get more than five done. But as it is I'll be happy enough with them.

    1. There is a ton of detail on these Ed. 5 Is like 20 ork boyz in work :)

    2. It was actually a struggle to ignore some of the detail and not paint every little bit!