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Monday, 27 March 2017

Painting Kastelan Robots - Monster March week 4

The end of another monthly painting challenge looms and how have I done, well not bad at all if I do say so myself!

March of the Machines!
I'm delighted that these guys are finally finished, partly because I really like the models and partly because I want to move on to something else. For anyone who missed it, I've been painting these as part of the Monster March challenge set up by Swordmaster over at Path of an Outcast.

As with Squaduary before it, Monster March has motivated me to add another unit to my growing Skitarii/Mechanicus force. I'm really happy with my progress so far this year as the army is going from strength to strength. These monthly painting challenges have shown me what a powerful motivator a blog can be. Knowing I have a weekly progress post to make has pushed me to work through my projects and made me feel accountable. Seeing the great work of the other participants each week is also a great motivator and spurs me on to reach the finish line.

All of this got me thinking, as I don't know of a painting challenge in April I've decided to challenge myself to paint a unit to completion in the month. I've chosen a unit of Kataphron Breachers to add to my Mechanicus force. Look for weekly updates down the line under the banner of Adeptus April!

My favourite is still the datasmith.
Thanks again to Swordmaster for running Monster March; even bigger thanks for letting me paint things that really aren't monsters at all. I promise next year I'll do something big and gribbly to make it up to you. Speaking of big, monstrous things, my Kastelan robots aren't the only thing I've been working on in March, check my next update for something huge!!

If you missed the earlier updates you can find them here. Stay tuned for the inevitable painting disaster of Adeptus April!


  1. Great work.
    Adeptus April. That sounds interesting

    1. Well, you're welcome to join, paint something roughly Adeptus themed (Ad Mech, Astartes etc.)and leave me a link to your progress. Or just email me some photos!

  2. Great job on finishing them! I like the turquoise look to their armor

  3. Challenge finished

    1. Well done! And here I thought I was all on my lonesome with this one! I'm struggling with motivation at the moment but you might have just spurred me on. Thanks a lot!

    2. Come on. You're on time.