Wednesday 7 March 2018

Warhammer 40000 Forgebane - Pricing

Just a quick post today as I wanted to discuss the price point of the new Forgebane box set that will be released soon.

I'm drooling already.
I'm pretty excited for the new knights in this set but I already have plenty of Skitarii and I don't need another Tech-Priest. Similarly, I don't collect Necrons and I don't intend to start an army of them so, unless I can find a willing soul to split the box with, they will have to find new homes on Ebay.

Warhammer Community has stated that the box set will be cheaper than the combined cost of all the models minus the two knights and the Cryptek. That should already tell you this is a fantastic deal but where does that leave the approximate pricing of the box? Well, a little digging on the GW website reveals the following:

Tech-priest Dominus - £22
Skitarii Rangers        - £23.50
Necron Immortals     - £20.50
Necron Lychguard     - £20.50
Canoptek Wraiths     - £28.50
TOTAL                      - £115

Now, as Games Workshop are already giving us a hefty discount on this set, I would say that the retail price will be £110. I honestly can't see the set going for less than that because it includes two of the new Knight Armigers which will be incredibly sought after. Still, even if you managed to sell the rest of the set for half of the RRP, you would still be buying two Armigers for £55 which is bound to be far cheaper than they will cost when they are eventually released as a separate set.

Honestly, I'll probably end up buying Forgebane even though I don't need any more models to work on at present. Curse you addictive plastic soldiers!!


  1. The Armiger looks smaller than a Dreadknight, but I will guess it will be priced the same at £33 each. Current molds seem to cost significantly more even if you get less model (compare the costs of a Tervigon with a Maleceptor).
    Still think it'll come in lower than £100!

    1. If it comes in at £95 I'll be over the moon.

  2. I reckon the Armigers will be about £40 each at least. They'll be more than £30, as a Dragoon costs that much!

    1. Definitely. I reckon they will be £45 a pop.

  3. I'm thinking the new knights will end up being £40 a pop in line with the Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought. As such this box is going to be amazing value and just like the Knight Renegade box will be snapped up by people just for these models. All I would say is be at your computer ready to go at 10am on the saturday this preorder becomes available as I wouldnt be surprised if this box sells out on pre-orders alone! We've seen it with other high value boxes like Knight Renegade and Shadow War Armegeddon! While I personally cannot financially justify the box at the £95 price I'm expecting, I know I'll kick myself later if I miss it so will buy it now on an IOU to myself!

    1. I think that's a fair estimate. These will definitely go quickly so I shall place an order with my FLGS ahead of time to make sure I get one.