Thursday 28 February 2019

Monster March - Return of the Hierophant Bio-titan

If you've been hanging around here long enough (you poor souls), you may recall my ill advised foray into the world of titanic units. Specifically the Hierophant Bio-Titan. Basically I made a start painting the thing about two years ago but it never got finished; you can read more about that escapade here.

Basically the state of things right now.
As you can see from the photo, I banged a few basecoats on it (no mean feat with a beast this size) and that was as far as it got.

Well, it's March and that means Monster March! Run by Path of an Outcast, this event is meant for participants to build and paint (or otherwise finish off) a suitable monster within the month. So, my intention is clear, I will finish painting the biggest of all monsters for this month's pledge!

Tune in next week for an update and to see if my paintbrush has been worn down to a nub.


  1. Ah brilliant, get that Monster done! I'm just finishing Squaduary so will miss Monster March as I need to concentrate on more Skitarii and the Warlord Titan...

    1. Haha! A Warlord? Certainly a hell of a project, but would you ever use it??


    From the depths of history, I found my own post about the project from Christmas 2 years ago! Quite good fun to look back on though!

  3. I was there the day that two guys painted a bio-titan in the bathroom. :)

    Thanks for sharing man, seems like a long time ago now.