Monday 22 March 2021

Monster March - Classic Ogres - Week 4

It's been a bit of a disjointed week on the painting front, so much so that I've sort of forgotten about these ogres I managed to finish off!

Fresh from their raid on the local brewery.

Don't panic, I haven't painted all of these within the week. In fact after last week's update, I only had the banner bearer left to paint. Of course I had to go to the trouble of making him a banner out of green stuff! I've been putting this unit together as part of a goblin army I'm making for Warhammer fantasy fifth edition and I'm pleased to report that this brings them up to the 1000 point mark.

You can see a couple of Golgfag's ogres lurking in the back.

The majority of the unit are models from the early 90's back in the herohammer days. I've supplemented these with three of Golgfag's ogres which were part of the regiment of renown released later on. I think they match pretty well but I must admit I prefer the older models. I've had these models hanging around unpainted for over twenty years, so it's quite delightful to have them all painted up.

Sorry the photos are all a bit samey.

So what's next for Monster March? Well, I have a Kings of War giant which I would love to include in this growing goblin army. However it's a huge model and I'm not sure I'll be able to get it done in time. Still, I'm determined to make the effort, tune in next time to see how far I get!

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  1. Empire mortars would love to see such unit on the opposite side of the battlefield... 🤗
    Ace paintwork. Love those 4/5th ed. ogres 😍